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La Asociación de Bomberos de North Hudson

Active NHFA members can update their contact information on this page. Your association needs your correct contact information to keep you informed. The Regional does not share new contact information with us, you must give it to us in addition to supplying it to the Regional.

This service is for active & retired members of North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue and retired members of the five former departments that existed prior to North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue ONLY.

Please provide the following contact information. Supply as much or as little as you desire, however, the more you supply the better we can stay in touch with you as the years pass.  We do not share your information other than sharing officer information with the North Hudson Fire Officers Association.

Once completed, please click on the Submit Button below.


Email Address:

Phone Number:

Mailing Address:



Zip Code:

Last Department Worked For:


*If Retired-Date:




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